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Bartender Automation Edition

Bartender Automation Edition

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Product details

Business label design and managementRobust easy-to-use design tools, Intelligent TemplatesTM and basic printing
Dynamic business printingDatabase connectivity, data entry forms, security, encoding and manual printing
Efficient automated printingIntelligent forms, application building and automated printing 
Comprehensive enterprise-wide printingCentralized management, certified integrations, document management, web & mobile printing and comprehensive security  
Included ApplicationsProfessionalAutomationEnterprise
Administration ConsoleManage and configure BarTender administration and system settings
DesignerCreate your label and document templates - also serves as the print engine when integrating and automating the label printing process
Data BuilderBuild and manage your own database without external applications like Excel or Access
Print StationA simple, efficient interface for selecting and printing BarTender documents
Integration BuilderConnects BarTender with your business systems to enable automated printing directly from those systems 
Process BuilderAn easy graphical UI to build your own custom label and document printing solutions without the need for coding like C# or VB.NET 
History ExplorerCentralized data logging and audit trail including print history, user access and more *
Reprint ConsoleReprint identical copies of previously printed labels and documents that may been misplaced or damaged *
Printer MaestroProvides centralized print management tools for printers and print jobs throughout a corporate network  
LibrarianCentrally manage documents and create workflows for template approval using role- based security  
Print PortalAllows dynamic web-based printing and workflow review/approval right from your web browser  
Standard Maintenance and SupportUpgrade to the latest BarTender version free, and get live technical support by phone and chat during business hours with a guaranteed 24hr response time. Free for the first year.Includes 1 yearIncludes 1 yearIncludes 1 year
Premium Maintenance and SupportAdd-on option to Standard Maintenance and Support which provides 24/7 live support access with a guaranteed two hour response time 
Easy-To-Use DesignProfessionalAutomationEnterprise
Easy WYSIWYG template designDesign tools make it easy to create and print professional labels and docum   

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