QR Code T&C*

Steps to get a Dynamic QR Code for your Product or Business:

1. Complete Your Order And Pay The Order Amount

2. Share the details that you want to display in the QR Code on prezotechsolutions@gmail.com

3. Get delivery of the QR Code in 6 to 8 Hours by Email.

4. If you need the QR Code in printed on paper or any other way, you contact me :- 9990768818

Details That Can Be Displayed Using The QR Code:

1. Your Company Website: Anyone scanning the QR Code will be taken to your website. If website address changes in future, you need not change the QR Code.
2. Your Company Details: Company Name, Address, Contact Details, Website etc can be displayed in the form of text.
3. Your Business Card: You can display your business card so anyone scanning the QR Code can directly save the details in their contact book (Direct save facility depends on barcode scanning application used by the end user).
4. Your Mobile App Download Link can be displayed.
5. Your Social Media Page
6. Get Google Reviews On Your Page By Using The QR Code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The price mentioned is for 1 QR Code Only. After the initial generation of the QR Code, any changes in future will be payable at every time a change is required.